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Offensive subjects: I have none but I'll let you know if something comes up.


Hugging this character: Go ahead, these guys are used to brohugs and all that.

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Killing this character: Better be an epic fight first.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: If you wanna do a mindfuck on him, be my guest.

Warnings: Adam knows kung fu and is efficient in axes and swords. Given that Discedo is survival game, he knows some things.

If you're not sure, go ahead and contact me via PM or on Plurk.
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Player Name: Lita
Player Journal: [personal profile] kittykatrawr
Age: 26
Contact: Plurk @ ‘litamaxwell’
Characters Played: Yukiko Amagi

Name: Adam Park
Canon: Power Rangers (boy’s been in too many seasons so I’m saying Power Rangers)
OU/AU/OC: AU with Discedo and Exsilium memories
Canon Point: Post Once a Ranger
Wiki Link for Canon!

So my friends, lemme tell you about a place called Fortuna in which scientists like to fuck with people and no one knows how the planet went to hell. Or at least Adam had no clue how it happened when he first arrived in the hub town of the world, Discedo. Barely a week in and someone decided setting off a nuclear bomb was a fabulous idea. Newsflash: it sucked. While the bomb didn’t impact the city, the fallout gas did and everyone in the city was forced to go three different ways: by sea to the city of Spero, towards the country to Dissimulo, or up the mountains to bumfuck who knows where (more later). Adam decided to join the group traveling to Dissimulo because a new friend, Yao Wang, was heading that direction. He also met a couple kids named Conan Edogawa and Heiji Hattori who were detectives in their own right and bonded with them during his experiences in the world. One of the bonding experiences happened to be when they had to fight cougars on the way to the country town; and a ranger with a hatchet was proven to be pretty deadly.

After arriving to Dissimulo, he already took the position of designated guardian and somewhat parent of the two detective boys as well as a couple girls from their world. I would mention one more person but she didn’t count as a kid. To prove that Adam did take this role kind of seriously was when Heiji thought of the bright idea to follow two others to the bomb site and couldn’t get out of Dissimulo’s subway station due to an overrun of monsters, making him gravely injured.

When Adam found out about that, he snapped. As in he ran to the station and down right slaughtered the monsters using only his hatchet and any of the monsters’ items such as horns. During that time, he only cared about getting Heiji out of there even to the point of yelling at him for being a complete idiot. Thankfully Heiji survived due to Adam’s rescue and strange enough, it made the two get closer.

Another point in Adam’s stay in Fortuna was that he managed to open a small dojo from the Dissimulo High School and trained anyone who wanted to spar or hone their skills. Heiji tried and managed to get his ass whooped almost every time he and Adam sparred but he got better. Along with the dojo, he managed to meet a girl named Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) who ended up doing two things for him: shocking him too hard to make him lose his memory and end up getting together. First part was his fault due to him kissing her and she got too flustered and surprised by it. Lesson learned.

It got worse while he was there such as seeing corpses of friends from home appear who weren’t supposed to be dead followed by killer fog and some crazy cat lady deciding to use him as target practice. This was around the time that a new group of scientists came to their aid but some were very leery about lending their help and only agreed when they took hostages to Spero and left them there to die…unless the captives agreed. This is where he met Kain, a young girl with a sweet tooth and snark up the wazoo and they somehow struck some kind of bond to which Adam has no clue what it means to this day. Unless ‘Daddy Kickassitude’ counts for something.

Many events occurred after the new scientists showed up such as being affected with some sort of ‘sin’, crazy mistletoe, and fucking weeping angels in the mountain town where a group tried to go during the evacuation from the bomb. The lure was letters from friends pleading for help and when they got there, they found the brother of the head scientist who said he wanted to help them. Too bad he did a Heel-Face Turn and left them with a Weeping Angel. Asshole. But they survived thanks to the quick thinking of one of the other scientists, Jackie, and led them to safety and back to Discedo.

Other events that happened were the typical found in a jamjar such as body switching, somehow going into some weird pseudo-Wonderland for a day, and gaining leadership of the local Watch when the leader left Fortuna. It was when the area was taken over by ditches that Adam found himself going deeper and into a different world where he would be enlisted to fight a global problem called the United Earth…

When Adam arrived in Exsilium, he saw a face that he hadn’t seen in years: Billy Cranston the first blue ranger. He was younger but still there and he was happy for once. It wasn’t until Adam had learned of why he was pulled to Exsilium; to turn time in the favor of the rebels fighting against the United Earth by going back in time to change history. While he was there, he still had the tendency to make friends with teenagers such as Yosuke Hanamura and Sheryl Nome, who kind of blackmailed Adam to hang out with her because she had his morpher. But he mostly kept to himself during this stay.

It wasn’t until the United Earth decided to invade a Transport’s homeworld that a darker mindset settled into the ranger: death was cheap in both worlds he stayed in. The soldiers they fought against fell and then more took their place and Adam also watched as friends died then were quickly returned to life. They were soldiers as well and to him, it made him feel like a chess piece. Someone that can be thrown away and revived whenever desired.

Adam withdrew himself more, only speaking to a few people and focused on his training until it was time to send him home. But unfortunately for him, it decided to drop him off in Equestria.

To understand Adam fully, we must look at what he was like when he was younger then see how it made him into the adult that he is currently. The second black ranger was once shy, quiet and lacked confidence until his time as a power ranger began. He still is shy and quiet during his ranger years and yet we also see that he is someone who values family such as their traditions. When he became an adult, Adam became wiser due to the fact that he knows how being a ranger works. While still quiet even when leading the special group of rangers during ‘Once a Ranger’, he still shows that air of leadership and knowledge given who their enemy is. It would be easier to say ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badass’ but that’s not exactly who Adam is.

When we first meet Adam, he’s a reserved and quiet type: speaks unless spoken to or if something interests him. It doesn’t mean that he's a loner type type by any standards. We see him doing activities such as helping teach some youngsters karate at the youth center or coach a soccer team. The audience learns after his integration as a power ranger that he was picked on as a kid because of how small he was. This leads to believe that Adam being quiet and shy connects to some self esteem issues growing up. As a ranger, he mentors a young boy who also has the same problem and it was that same boy who gives Adam the strength to face Goldar and the so-called Mirror of Regret.

"I’m strong enough on the inside to handle all your mocking!"

Despite his confidence, Adam still has an issue: getting close to girls. He does express interest in them as he gets upset when no one would ask him out to the vice versa dance at school. And when he does like someone, he can be…well, an idiot. When he notices the new girl Sabrina after a martial arts stint, he doesn’t notice how rudely she treats his good friend Aisha. It didn’t help that Sabrina is actually a bad guy meant to trap him but nonetheless, he is a derp when it comes to those of the opposite sex. As an adult, we see Adam still maintaining the quietness despite taking the leader position of the new group of rangers during ‘Once a Ranger’: he doesn’t yell or push. Instead, he lets his fighting do the talking. And boy, can that man fight.

Another thing to notice about Adam is that he’s someone who stands his ground and doesn’t give up. When Goldar kidnaps him along with his two friends and teacher, he’s the one who speaks up whenever the golden space monkey tries to convince them to join Lord Zedd. This is also why it seems Adam doesn’t care for bullies in general because he basically fights them on a daily basis. Except these bullies can kill people. When his successor, Carlos, is unable to morph in ‘Always a Chance’, Adam uses his broken morpher to turn the tide in their favor. Even though Adam refuses to back down from this fight, he doesn't have a choice but to use it. The result is physically exhausting him, nearly killing him in the process. In ‘Once a Ranger’ , we see Adam continue to fight the main bad guy, Thrax, despite being in a deadlock.

If there’s one thing that matters to Adam, it’s family. In the episode ‘Passing the Lantern’, his family gives him the responsibility to keep a family heirloom: a red paper lantern that supposedly has incredible powers. To him, keeping the lantern is a big deal and he would do anything to watch over it. When Rito and some goons steal the lantern, Adam is seriously upset about it. He feels like he failed the task his family gave him and feels worse when he sees that Zedd and Rita make it into a monster. But he manages to defeat the monster while remembering the message the lantern said:

“The lamp may light the path, but the soul must light the way.”

What it means is that while the lantern is a catalyst, it’s Adam who has the power and that’s why his family gave him such a precious item.

Some call Adam a sensitive guy despite how he fights: he’s actually pretty good at writing (seeing how he takes Creative Writing twice and passes with an A both times) and pretty decent at piano playing. While it’s not touched on so much, we do see that he does have some creativity and not just some mindless meathead. Also, he dances pretty well with Cogs.


There’s something I bring up when it comes to plotting in Discedo: Adam’s the SANEST adult in the bunch. Except when seriously provoked or when someone (or something) causes harm to someone close to him. I say this because of the variety of characters that have graced the setting as well as those close to the ranger. He knows many people and races who are more than likely crazier than a man running around in spandex. Examples include nation-people, time lords, and phoenix pirates that are somehow easy to talk to.

When I say ‘sane’, I mean he keeps his cool when it comes to certain situations. For example when Yao (China from Hetalia) runs away from Discedo and moves further east, Adam addresses the network asking about transportation and where he can find it. He ends up taking a motorcycle (along with a pint sized stowaway named Conan Edogawa) anyway and heads off to get him without stopping. Other examples include when the newest group of scientists come to help out with a ‘glitch’. The glitch being that zombies were running around and alternate realties were kind of colliding together. He ends up speaking to one of them, a teenage girl named Kain, and while he’s supposed to hate the people who pretty much kidnapped him, he doesn’t when it comes to this kid. She even called him ‘Daddy Kickassitude’ and ‘Papa Bear’ a couple times and he snarks back calling her ‘daughter’. The main point of this is that from when he was taken in canon to currently, Adam won’t make any speeches when it comes to facing the bad guys or any other threat. He will see the situation then take action.

Being in Discedo also made Adam not able to trust most of the scientists who brought the characters there. Even Kain he doesn’t trust fully and they get along mostly well and even joke around. He hates the fact that some of them were purposely causing harmful experiments such as infecting people with ‘sin’ and act out against the norm. One time, someone was using their loved ones as means to go to an abandoned city. He was pretty pissed to have received a letter from ‘Rocky’ explaining how he was held hostage in some odd mountain town. The same town that houses a Weeping Angel. Thankfully one of the scientists has a heart and did a rescue mission before the angel could do any damage.

While there, Adam was able to show more of his leader skills. One time he organized a mission to an abandoned paper factory in order to rescue some animals the scientists had in their bunker, including little Haros and elephants. Things went smoothly and he was able to keep everyone from fighting or biting each other’s heads off. With the occasional hippie nation shooting pandas because “fuck pandas” and disgruntled teachers who like marking little kids with red ‘F’s on their faces being a slight bother. It didn’t change Adam’s objective to get the mission done. Also, with the departure of Kresnik Altreide, Adam became the new Watch leader. A small group but capable of protecting over the three major cities in case an incident would occur and Adam was willing to help fix it up and help others again.

Also, just as a note, Adam’s short term memory can…be off at times. For example, he couldn’t remember when Steve Rogers explained about the super soldier serum. It’s a small side effect from the time he lost a good chunk of his memory over a year ago. It was temporary for a month before he regained it. Let’s just say kissing overly powered sailor senshi is his stupidest idea to date. But to keep in mind, Adam might forget a random fact or two.


Personality wise, not much has changed for Adam here. The major thing that has changed is that his view of death has shifted and that he does discuss it with a fellow ranger, Billy Cranston. Being in two places that treated life so cheaply is more emphasized in this game considering how he had to defend a world along with the rest of the transports where he had to kill or be killed. The fact that the UE constantly threw soldiers out there to die during several battles made him think twice about dying; dying to only be brought back is nice but what is the cost? Why play a higher power? He’s also known to snark a bit more during this game because he faced teenagers. It’s the only way they respond unless your name is Sheryl Nome: she used blackmail instead.


Martial Arts Knowledge: Adam is proficient in martial arts, mostly karate and kung fu, having learned them from a young age.

Weapons: Adam can use a few weapons efficiently. He excels at axes and hatchets given that his weapon of choice in ranger for is an axe. He can also use swords such as katanas and short swords as well as daggers.

Power Ranger: A power ranger is someone who protects the Earth from all the crazy bad guys who think taking it over is a good idea. As a ranger, Adam’s endurance is a little tougher than the typical human being. His team (minus the Veteran Ranger one) do not have special abilities at this current time.

Healing: In Exsilium, players were chosen a weapon that would grow as they did. Adam chose that his body would be his sentient weapon and in the process, found out his body would heal itself after a certain period of time. While I know about the power cap, I did have a list of what his power level would be at: broken bones would heal within three days and any wounds would heal within 45 minutes. I am willing to discuss with the mods about how this power will go.


Human: Adam is still a squishy human despite his strength and healing. He can die. He can have his mind fucked around.

Memory: Due to an incident (kissing a shocked Sailor Jupiter), Adam’s short term memory can be a little…screwy. There are times where he can’t remember certain things such as conversations or where he had been fifteen minutes prior.

Emotional: I list this because Adam seems to have a bit of a grim look on life since being in two hell places and will try and cover up thoughts with snark. So he does have a hard time opening up to people sometimes. He also gets lonely because people constantly kept coming and going from the worlds and it makes revert a bit back into his teenage self. Without all the emo.

Possessions: A set of clothes, a katana, his morpher, a small dagger
Pony/Animal Type: Earth pony. Because he’s so good at martial arts and his hands, it seems logical.
Cutie Mark: A red lantern. It sounds random but in season three, he was given a red lantern that was in his family for generations. Since he is someone who values family, it would be logical to use a symbol of his family as his cutie mark.
Pony Picture: Boom


First Person:

[The scroll turns on and shows a brown face nosing the screen. Ok this was a new thing but he could remain calm during this. After all, this world was rather colorful than Fortuna and Exsilium with all the dreariness happening there. It was time to address the new network and get any information possible that wasn’t already given by the town hall he happened to go to.]

Hi, I have to say that this was a better welcome than what I’m used to. It’s not very often someone gives me chocolate; used to a rushed introduction of being in a destroyed world and either fight or deal with it.

[He really needed to thank that Pinkie Pie girl for the cupcake.]

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has heard of Fortuna or Exsilium. I was hoping that someone else from there managed to leave and end up in a happier place like this.

It’s…kind of nice.

Third Person:

Walking on all fours was a serious pain in the ass.

Adam couldn’t remember how many times he had fallen on his face, wobbling like he was a baby again. Strange how he could face soldiers, minions, and weeping angels and yet walking like a pony was harder than expected. But then one of the natives gave him a suggestion that he hadn’t thought about in a long time. The only question on his mind now was how the hell he got talked into it.

If walking was hard to do then certainly running around on rollerblades was much worse.
Of course it was a pain in the rear because the man barely knew how to walk in his new body let alone glide around like he was a teenager again. Things were much simpler then and he didn’t need to think about other worlds or how some liked to play god; all that was needed was a reason to fight and to defend the world.

“Heh, can’t blade until you walk.” He laughed grimly and took off the rollerblades and set them to the side.

“Maybe next time I’ll try again. But today, not ready for it yet.”

He stood up and slowly put one hoof in front of the next, taking baby steps as he watched his footwork carefully.
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This is Adam. 
I'm not here right now so leave a message.
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Since Adam has taken over as leader due to Kresnik's departure (you can always trust a JYB), I figured that I need to make a post on things specifically for the Watch itself. Granted Discedo is a small game, but some organization I will try to do!

This post will be updated for sign ups and potential planning for events and other justice stuffs!


Feb. 21st, 2012 05:05 pm
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 Hey, you reached Adam. Sorry I'm not here right now but leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

[Video] | [Audio] | [Text] | [Action] | [OOC Plotting]
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[There's silence for a moment as the man thinks on how to word this. When he does, it's short and straight to the point.]

...I need to find personal transportation. Does anyone have anything I can borrow or tell me where I can find something? It's rather important.
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[The feed starts off with the camera pointing upwards, facing the night sky. Looks normal to be honest...maybe the person on the other end wanted to chat. Then again, it was really late so why then was the communicator on? The answer to that was then revealed:

A familiar blue penguin poked its face out so everyone on the network can see. It didn't make noise but it decided to shake the communicator around like trying to figure out how it worked. It gave a blank look and tried to tilt its head in confusion before dropping it to the ground, spooked by something off the screen.]

...could you tell me what exactly are you doing with my device?

[That was definately Adam's voice asking and it sounded strangely calm for seeing a monster in a building. The prinny attempted to yelp and waddled out of there as fast as it could. Normally, a sane person would go after the little bugger and make it explode; the ranger on the other hand just walked in front of the communicator and sighed before picking it up. He gives a small smile to the audience but if anyone looked at his eyes, they could tell something was wrong.]

I'm sorry about that just now.

[And he shuts off the feed.] 
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[There's a familiar buzzing sound on the network; apparently it's been a little over two weeks since his last post and the communicator wanted to make sure he was alive. However, Adam wasn't holding the device. It proved otherwise because everyone could hear a loud clunk and crash hit the damn thing.]

Whoa, so it can break?

[There's sounds of gathering up something and hitting a mat like he was sitting down. As he speaks, he sounds pretty tired. A mental note to not pull a sun up to nighttime patrol shift anytime soon.]

So I can guess everyone's been getting visitors lately. While I'm glad they're not beings that want to eat brains, they still make me feel a little unhinged. And you can't get rid of them because they come back.

[Pause and gaps.]

...and strike that statement about them breaking.

[There's a pause before he speaks again.]

I'm planning on giving self defense lessons for anyone who wants them after Halloween is over. It doesn't matter if you have skill or not, I'll welcome everyone here who's willing to learn. Just give me a time and we'll work something out. Also, I am up for sparring if anyone wants it.

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[It happens suddenly: he knows the communicator likes to record things without him knowing it but he forgot something else did if he didn't use it to post after a certain period of time: shocking the living crap out them.]


[A normal person would shake it off, curse the communicator, and be on their way. However, this wasn't in Adam's case: it was a shock that caused him to loose his memories...

The device falls from his hands, showing the man stumbling due to it. There's a groan and a hiss before-]


[Adam's form leaves the camera's view and there's sounds of something crashing. It's most likely him running into things on accident due to the shock and the camera shuts off.]


[It's been a couple hours since that fiasco and he's breathing rather heavy. Prior to this, he did pass out due to killer migraine.]

 I remember. Everything.
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 In Discedo's hospital. 

I'm alive so don't worry. 

I'm sorry that you didn't hear from me.

I know there's bigger things going on. Saw the broadcast.
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[The video turns on to greet the network...and all they see is fog.]

Great time to be out in this.

[Adam coughs as he moves forward.]

Hey Mom, I'm good so far. Using a flashlight and being careful. [And by 'mom', he means Heiji.]

Gakupo, I should be near your place soon. Just give me a few minutes to-

[He stops, hearing something in the distance.]

What the-?!

[And the feed cuts out.]

((OOC: Adam will not respond to this post since he has been kidnapped to god knows where. The usual message will play and go ahead and freak out on his message.))
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[The camera turns on to a sleeping Adam, lying in bed. His chest is wrapped up like a mummy's due to what happened a week ago and his breathing is steady. One would be surprised that he's been out for an entire week.

There's some twitching from his body as he makes a slight sound.]


[His eyes slowly open as if he were waking up from some wonderful dream...but we all know how far away this dream was.]


[He slowly gets up and whinces, one hand over the bandages and hunches over.]

What's going on?

[He looks around the room in a panic.]

Rocky? Aisha? H-hey, where are you guys?!

[His voice is starting to sound frantic as he tries to stand up but falls back down again.]

Please tell me we escaped from that big gold monkey...guys, answer me!

(OOC: Adam is referring to when he and his friends were kidnapped by Goldar; his last memory.)
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[The feed starts by showing a close up of a hand followed by the sounds of loud coughing and sputtering. When the hand moves away, there's a pile of blankets behind it that were moving sluggishly. In the corner of the room was a pile of clothes that were thrown like the person didn't care.

And if anyone noticed where this took place, it looked like the spot where a certain ranger trained and stayed at.
Speaking of rangers, Adam poked his head out of the blankets, his face looking completely flushed with a high fever and then he notices the camera was on.]

...again? Seriously, this thing is defective.

[There's a look of annoyance and his hand moves over the communicator, ending the feed.

Afterwards, he slightly pushes it aside and coughs more into the pillow. Why was he sick? Well, running around in the rain didn't help matters.]

...ugh. Dammit.

[That's the last thing he says before finally succuming to exhaustion and passing out.]
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[The feed clicks on to show the night sky with its many stars as well as a pair of black clad legs before it reveals who he is as he picks up the communicator and sits down. Then he positions the camera back to the sky.]

 It's been awhile since I really saw something like this. Even in a small town, it's hard to see with all the lights on. I wonder if I can see the constallations on this world too.

[He sighs but for once, it's a happy one.]

((OOC: Stargazing at the observatory just to bring in something a little more happier. Have at it people!))
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[The feed starts off by turning on to somewhere outside. The communicator doesn't give much clues to where the person in question is except that there's blacktop. There's a soft plop sound off to the side as Adam walks by clad in only his black jeans and shoes because it was warm and able to take off some clothing was a relief.]

This looks good.

[He's referring to the spot for doing something, his back to the communicator. He walks to the middle of the area and stands still with his arms bent to his front and his head down.

So what was the point of this? The feed then shows him bending both knees in a crouching position and he suddenly whips his right arm out in a chopping move. Slowly moving the arm to him, he jumps up using his uninjured leg's weight and performs another chopping move. The man then starts moving his feet quickly that someone would think he was trying out a dance but when he performed a spinning kick, that thought was set aside. The feed is still going even if he doesn't notice. Still going on with his practice.]

((OOC: Adam's practicing his kung fu at the high school. If you wanna bug him, be careful otherwise he might hit you on accident.))
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[The communicator falls to the ground and Adam looks miffed.]

Hey, things have been a bit busy so I haven't had time to chat on here. Now if you excuse me, I gotta get to the subway. But before I go, I need to ask something: Anyone good at fixing machines?


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